Kumiko Mori (alias Nicole Mori), The Harbinger was the De Facto Leader of the Private Military Organization [Daitai PMC|Muteki Daitai] (Invincible Battalion) from its' founding in 2026 to resigning in 2066. She was a former member of the [Army|Canadian Army]'s special forces, [Task Force 2|Joint Task Force 2]. It was speculated that The Harbinger was Male to Female Transgender. However, this was only a rumor, and no evidence confirming it exists. She also suffered from a self-diagnosed psychological disorder, Akhenaten Syndrome. She also has connections with the Yakuza gang [no Ha-Kai|Tottori no Ha-Kai].

Early Life Edit

Kumiko Mori was born in [[1]],[Empire of Japan| Japan], on August 1st, 1998, to [Mori|Shuhei] and [Mori|Sadako Mori]. Being teenage parents between a rock and a hard place, Shuhei gave his daughter away to a family friend in the [Canadian Navy|Royal Canadian Navy].

Kumiko Mori later had her name changed to Nicole, being raised in a Caucasian family. Growing up, she never knew her birth parents. 

The Harbinger
Some attributes
First Born: August First, 1998
Second Died: August Fifth, 2098
Third Aliases: Kumiko Mori, Nicole Mori, Xingke Ming-hua, Park Ah-Reum
Other attributes

Service in the Canadian Army

The Harbinger supposedly started service in the Canadian Army around 2016. She fought in many battles, becoming a seasoned veteran. In late April, she was brought into Joint Task Force 2. There she met a colleague, [Sergeant Jonathan "Jones" Adamski|Staff Sergeant Jonathan "Jones" Adamski]. From there, they became close like siblings. However, in 2016, during Operation Pickaxe, Jones was killed in action, along with most of her squad, save for her Commanding Officer, Andrew Marois. Later that year, she partook in Operation Invictus before leaving.

After the Canadian Army Edit

After leaving the army, she later went to Japan for vacation. This was short lived, however, as the Prime Minister of Canada had collaborated with the now Colonel Andrew to tie up the one loose end from Operation Pickaxe. In 2017, she went to Hiroshima to live off the grid, living in the forest near the bay area. During the summer of that year, she rescued a six year old boy who belonged to a semi-famous family in the Prefecture. When asked about how they could repay her, her answer was for them to adopt her as one of her own. From that period to 2023, she was known as Kumiko Mori. However, it was later discovered that the family she allowed herself to be adopted into, was by sheer luck, her birth family.

Assassination of Andrew Marois

Soon after leaving the Canadian Army under Honourable Discharge, she drew a plan to assassinate her former CO, who had since been promoted to Colonel and received the Victoria Cross. On May 15th, 2023, The Harbinger walked onto his house, with an Uzi Submachine Gun. Accounts from Marois' family states that The Harbinger ordered Marois to partake in oral sex before taking Andrew Marois'  Victoria's Cross. She fled via a dark red Honda Civic after distracting SWAT teams outside. Her whereabouts for the next few years were unknown for several months, until it was revealed her travel history in 2027.

Travel History (2023-2026) Edit

In late 2023, she hid in Somalia, under the guise of a prostitute for a local pimp, drug lord, and weapons dealer, Big Jon. She murdered the man when she was about to be sold to a rival brothel, and promptly took control of Big Jon's sindycate. She took the men working under her, and trained them to be her first soldiers. Within one month, she had a company.

Soon after her Coup D'Etat in Big Jon's business, Interpol converged on her, prompting her to move. For the year of 2024, she hid in a friendlier Saudi Arabia. It was there where, whilst intoxicated when having an audience with the Saudi Royal Family, she suggested they merge with Iraq and Afghanistan to form an "[Federation|Arabian Federation]... Or some shit like that..."

Later that year, Kumiko purchased a Huey Transport Helicopter, and moved into [[2]]. The helicopter was brought in, despite being armed, under the guise of being used for an air show in Volgograd. However, whilst on a route nearing Moscow, she ordered the flatbed to hide in a forest. Kumiko and her troops loaded onto the heli, and assualted the Kremlin, carrying out Operation Return to Sender.

According to rumors, in 2026, Kumiko reappeared in Thailand, but for different reasons. Supposedly with the money she had obtained with Big Jon's business, she got an appointment with a Dr. Chet, for Sex Reassignment Surgery.

Preparing for the Invasion of North Korea Edit

After her Sex Reassignment Surgery, Kumiko Mori changed her name to [Umezu|Nicole Umezu], worried for the safety of her adoptive family. An account from her adoptive brother, Sokaku Mori, states: "She loved us all very much. She said it was for our safety, that things would happen in the coming years and she didn't want us to be harmed. We were more of a family to her than her biological one." Nicole left Japan in the following week.

With funding from terrorist organizations and resistance groups, Nicole acquired resources to go to war with the DPRK. She acquired BTR-70s and [[3]] , which had been borrowed from [[4]]. Some of her assets included now retired US [Cobra|AH-1 Cobra] attack helicopters, more Hueys, and old cargo freighters. Under a top secret contract with Izhmash and Remington, she acquired weapons. Her explosive weapons included the [[5]] anti-tank launcher.

With enough weapons and cash, she absorbed several dozen different Private Military Contractors. Nicole named her collection of PMCs the Muteki Daitai, which in Japanese means Invincible Battalion.

Luck seemed to be in her favour, as the DPRK had cut all ties with [Republic of China|China] after the Beijing Riots of 2026. This would allow her to move through the country with no foreign opposition.

Invasion of North Korea Edit

See [Conflict|Daitai-Korean Conflict]

On March 1st, 2027, the Daitai launched an assualt on North Korea. They attacked only from East and West, as the Chinese Government had denied the Daitai to work within China. The attack on the the Western Coast caught North Korea by surprise, as they hadn't expected an assualt by sea and air. North Korean soldiers were immediately phoning every possible phone to HQ, attempting to see what was going on. However, due to the volume of calls, North Koreans were unable to respond effectively.

The Harbinger personally assaulted an airfield to secure [MiG-29|Mikoyan MiG-29] jet fighters for use in aerial combat. As well, Nicole found several abandoned tanks which were later used in the conflict.

During the Assualt on Pyongyang, Nicole took part in securing the rivers with the [Akuma Division|666th Akuma Division]. Later, during that battle, Nicole personally captured North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un, whom she later terminated on state television.

Operation DRAGON RISING Edit


Operation DRAGON RISING was the expansion of Japan for then unknown reasons.

No one knows why she began to expand for Japan, instead of herself. Some speculate it as adopting the island-nation as her new homeland, while others claim it was to begin her vendetta against The West. There are claims that her grandmother was irradiated by the atom bombs dropped on Japan during the Second World War, and due to her untimely demise (only two years after Nicole was born), this had fanned the flames of her hatred.

Operation DRAGON RISING started in 2030, after all Daitai forces had left peacekeeping in former North Korea to the [of Korea Army|Republic of Korea Army]. For the next twelve years, Daitai forces launched major offensives against Southeast Asian nations after most of NATO had broken up, and reorganized into the [Alliance|NATO-Russo Alliance].

Children Edit

During her life, Nicole was married three times. Not wanting to live a lonely life in case her spouse perished, she conceived multiple children through surrogates via a top secret medical procedure involving bone marrow.

Her firstborn was [Mori|Kenji Mori], born Kenji Mori-Montgomery. Kenji was described as being strong in mentality and physical areas. Kenji's relationship with his father, [Montgomery|Raymond Montgomery], was short-lived when his father was killed in action during the Siege of Hanoi. This left Kenji without a father figure throughout most of his life. This gap in his life was later filled by his cousin, Sturmbanfuhhrer [Sato|Kohei Sato].

When Raymond Montgomery died, the surrogate mother gave birth to twins: [Mori|Rei Mori] and [Mori|Miki Mori]. Rei joined the [Division of The Muteki Daitai|718th Division of The Muteki Daitai] early, at the age of seventeen, and quickly rose through the ranks of the PMC. She was described by her siblings and fellow soldiers as being absolutely ruthless. Miki, on the other hand, was the polar opposite of Rei. Miki, unlike her sister and mother, was not interested in war, and instead went to study politics at the University of Tokyo.

After the death of Raymond but before marrying [Tenzai|Shinzo Tenzai], Nicole had a surrogate conceive a child. This child was born a hermaphrodite. Initially, the doctors asked Nicole whether or not she would want a male or female child, to which Nicole replied "I'll have both." This brought on Icarus Mori. They were raised with equal gender roles with their mother and then with their father, Shinzo. Icarus identified as gender fluid. This meant that they would sometimes identify as male, others as female. Their sister, Miki, noticed that Icarus typically had a preference to identify as female, and seemed flamboyant when identifying as male. Icarus, strangely enough, acted as Deputy Harbinger when the need arose, in spite of having no interest in the family business. Their half-siblings described them as being "as straight as a rainbow slinky."

During her marriage to Shinzo Tenzai, Nicole was capable of birthing her own children due to major medical advancements. On her first attempt at a child, Nicole seemed to have succeeded. Several months later, when birthing yet another pair of twins, complications emerged, thus an emergency C-Section had to be preformed. Unfortunately, both children died. The dead babies were called "Suiko and Nintoku."

When dining with the Imperial Family, Nicole overheard a discussion regarding the successor to Crown Princess Toshi. Knowing that marriage would no longer make Toshi a member of the Imperial Family, or a candidate for Empress, Nicole offered some of her preserved sperm for Toshi. The result, several months later was Crown Prince Kehito. Kehito did not know any of his relation to Nicole, and frequently thought of her as his mother's friend.

The only successful childbirth Nicole went through with Shinzo Tenzai was [Mori|Asuka Mori]. A transgender woman, Asuka was quiet as a man, and joined up with the [Daitai Aerial Brigade|Muteki Daitai Aerial Brigade] during the Third World War. She was best known for shooting down an entire squadron of [[6]] by herself in her [J-20|Chengdu J-20], nicknamed Juan. Asuka seemed to have homosexual tendencies while in the closet, though these were never confirmed. Asuka spent most of her non-military life in the [of Korea|Republic of Korea]. In 2058, Asuka Mori came out as transgender.

During the disastrous 2041 Attack on the [Republic of China|People's Republic of China], Nicole found a young boy, while helping with Search and Rescue in [[7]]. The boy seemed to be no older than ten, and had lost both of his parents in the attacks. Feeling pity for the young boy, Nicole adopted him, and named him [Jie|Xingke Jie]. She went as far as to referring to herself as Xingke Ming-hua when she established the [of Manchukuo|Dominion of Manchukuo]. Jie was brought up partially by his elder sibling, Icarus, when Nicole was off to war. An interesting result of the adoption of Xingke Jie was that all of Nicole's children, save for Kehito, took a Chinese name to help Jie feel at home. Eventually, Xingke Jie ended up as the Emperor of Manchukuo, and ushered in the reign of the Fengfu Dynasty.


The Harbinger practiced Shinto as her religion. There was massive speculation as to why she converted to Shinto. During an interview, she was asked why she converted. Her response was "The Christian ideal of God seems insulting to me. He allegedly creates every human, yet makes some that don't fit His own ideals. As well, I will never believe that the Christian God would allow the slaughter of his so-called Holy People during the Holocaust. In Shinto, with the multiple deities, it makes sense. That Hachiman, the War God, would desire a conflict on a global scale."

Upon her death in 2098, The Harbinger was brought into Shinto lore as a new Kami by many Shinto Priests as [[8]], the Goddess of War, Prosperity, and Caring. Many modern Shinto practitioners have nicknamed her "the mother for those without mothers," as many people, without parental figures or spouses in their lives have taken to seeing her as their mother, always there to listen. The reason behind what she is attributed to bring about has many reasons. The attribute of war is due to possible family relations to Emperor Ojin, who became the God of War, Hachiman. Thus, being the granddaughter of Hachiman, she would fight alongside him. Prosperity is attributed to her due to the economic boom Japan and its' allies had for many years after their victory in World War III. Finally, Caring is due to how many of her soldiers described her as "... the kind of woman who would take five, listen to what you had to say, and helped you out to the best of her extent." In neo-Shinto lore, Kumiman is depicted as a dark red dragon, who has allegedly made Mt. Fuji her home. She is said to come to those who call out to her for help.

Conspiracy Theories and Myths Edit

See [Conspiracy Theories about The Harbinger|Conspiracy Theories about The Harbinger

Many conspiracies and myths surrounding Kumiko Mori have emerged over the years, ranging from intriguing to downright insane.

Tidbits Edit

Nicole’s blood type is B Negative

Her favourite colour is burgundy